About Liu Song

Liu Song received his bachelor degree from Hunan Agricultural University majoring in Landscape Architecture. He didn't enter this high-paid industry but instead tried to pursuit a master degree after graduation due to his beliefs that liquors and cigarette are not the elements body needs.

He then entered XTBG, Chinese Academy of Science, as a student of Ecological Evolutionary Group under the direct guidance of Prof. Dr. Chuck Cannon. In the name of protecting from getting killed by toxic chemicals, he escaped the lab with white lab outfit and switched to forest policy researches, an area of social science.

At the group, he grows from a teenage to a men mentally. And he views CHUCK as the mentor of his life (YES,that's 100 percent true. my friend, his mentor is not staying in India like Jobs' one).

he worked in World Agroforestry Centre, with a high level of satisfaction and fulfillment after graduation. But life changes, he drifted to Beijing, a population and mist powered city. Till today, he didn't remember much words reading from philosophy books, but clearly has a good meomery on speech delivered by his Mentor:

If you are at loss,it's okay, pick up things that will make you feel fulfillment......